How Do Dog Groomers Keep Dogs Still?

Groomers are pretty smart when it comes to keeping their dogs quiet. Dog stylists have a few tricks that help overcome a dog’s unruliness, but those who are groomed on a regular basis know how to do.

1.1Dog Behavior

Different breeds of dogs that need regular grooming should start maintaining habits early on, when they are still very malleable. This will allow the dog to get used to a routine that it will follow throughout its life. When a dog has been coming to the groomer ever since he was a puppy, no extraordinary skills or methods are necessary to keep him still during grooming.

1.2 Equipment

The grooming table has a metal post that rises above the table and ends in a hook to which the groomer will clip one end of the leash. The knot on the other end of the leash is placed around the dog’s neck. If the knot is tightened, the dog will feel discomfort, but if it is not tied to the table, it will make trouble. And if it is an aggressive dog, the groomer may have to use a muzzle. The owner of one grooming store said her store never uses muzzles.” She said, “We hate using muzzles and would avoid using them if we could.” If we find that a dog is not safe for our work, we ask the client to talk to the groomer. anything the groomer can give to calm the dog will help. Wearing a muzzle only increases the dog’s anxiety and we do not like to do that unless it is absolutely necessary.

1.3 Tricks of the Trade

Some dogs will calm down with a towel over their eyes or head; groomers may use this trick to calm an anxious dog. Groomers will also sometimes then use a leash around the dog’s waist and front legs to keep the dog calm. Some will use other methods with the owner’s permission. For example, when a potentially unruly dog is standing on a grooming table, the groomer or assistant will give it some treats as long as it stands quietly. If the dog does not cooperate, stop giving it the treat. When it comes to food, dogs quickly learn what they are supposed to do.” We also use aromatherapy,” Adler says.” We usually play beautiful, quiet mood music, burn lavender-scented candles, and use extracts of lavender shampoo. Because of lavender’s natural calming properties, it works well for both our groomers and our dogs.”

1.4 Medications

Sometimes dogs can be so anxious and fearful that the grooming process is draining and tiring for both the dog and the groomer. When a dog is really anxious, the owner can purchase over-the-counter medications that are effective in calming the dog. For example, Bach flower essence has drops that you can put between your dog’s toes or on his tongue, which will do a great job of easing his anxiety. And do not worry, your groomer will help you determine if it is right for your dog.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog Grooming, Dog knowledge