Casual abandonment of dogs can have serious consequences

In fact, in the world of dogs, the owner of the dog, and the dog outside the wandering, life is very different, they think it is very lucky to be bred, so it is difficult to accept the fact that abandoned. The “consequences” of abandoning a dog at will are hard to bear!

Resistance to new owners

Dogs just abandoned will be in a state of distrust of the surrounding people, even if they are sent to a new home, the dog will have a kind of resistance to the new owner, the dog will often stay in a corner without saying anything, or the dog is very repulsive to the new owner’s approach, anyway, the psychological changes have begun, you can imagine, the owner of the abandonment of the dog how big a blow.

Suffering from depression

Dogs also have self-esteem, the owner sent it away for no reason, it will make them think that the owner does not like them, slowly become low self-esteem, no confidence, do not want to communicate with people, the most serious may also lead to depression. Honestly, a depressed dog will not live long, so we need to be a responsible owner.

Looking for opportunities to escape

Some dogs are given away, because they still miss their previous owners, they will find the opportunity to escape from home, the original way back to find the old master, but in the process of returning many dogs will be lost, will be abducted, the end is really miserable.

Do not want to eat

Some dogs are sent away by their masters, because they can not accept, they will stay in place the whole day waiting for their masters, meals are not eaten, water does not want to drink, the dog is in a state of hunger strike, they may feel the loss of favor. Dogs are very loyal animals, they do not understand why they will be sent away. I hope that the owner must think clearly before raising a dog, can they be responsible for its life. Raising a dog should be responsible to ensure their nutritional needs. Daily diet is best to choose a palatable, high meat content of dog food, the dog is more love to eat.

Very aggressive to anyone or even bite

Some dogs can’t accept being sent away by their dear owners or abandoned. In a sad situation, there may be some stress reactions. For example, they are very defensive of everyone and do not let people get close. Severe cases may also attack people.

A good dog needs training, and obedient dogs can also help people’s help, so training is important. In the process of training, there are snacks to enhance the effect will be better.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge