Dogs have such actions, that means your training has failed!

If you want to be a successful dog owner, you can not only have strict requirements on your dog, but also a variety of training and education, and provide them with a good life, and the most scientific feeding. Dogs have such actions, that means your training has failed!

Peeing anywhere in the house

If your dog, who used to pee in the dog’s bathroom, suddenly pees at home, it may be a way to express his displeasure. It can also be a sign that the dog wants to rebel, so don’t spoil the dog, correct it in time. Get them used to going to designated places to pee, and don’t just dump when they’re angry.

Out of the house and crashing

It is normal for a dog to be curious and excited to go out to play. However, when the master is clearly holding on to the leash, the dog still rushes forward regardless, as if it wants to break the leash and escape. This is a sign of the master’s education failure. Because normally, if you raise a dog for a while, the dog will understand that it’s not okay to run around.

Sat beside the host at dinner

When the master is eating, the dog is sitting next to the master and waiting to eat. This behavior is not conducive to the education of the dog. It will make the dog think that he is the master and can do what he wants at home, which is a very bad behavior. The master can tame it on the table with a command, make it sit down, wait for it to sit down, and feed it some food.

Rummaging through the garbage can

By the time a dog is caught digging through trash cans and eating garbage, it’s likely to happen more than once or twice. Some owners just pick up the garbage when their dog finds it. This will only spoil the dog and make it think it is OK to do this. Dogs dig through the garbage to steal food, so you should stop once you see it, or dogs may get food poisoning if they eat too much.

Against you in every way

The most obvious example of an owner’s parenting failure is when a dog works against you at every turn. These dogs tend to hold grudges and do not regard you as their master, so they do not like to listen to your commands. It is suggested to start training dogs from a young age to improve their obedience. When training, they can master the method of striving for and combine rewards and punishments with snacks. The training effect will be better.

Published On: December 7th, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge