Dogs have these actions show that very like you

People who have a dog want their dog to love them too. In fact, dogs have these actions, indicating that they like you very much, so pet owners must treat their dogs well.

Let you touch his head

Dogs lower their heads in front of you and let you pet their heads there is the meaning of obedience. They are treating you as the master in general inside, that’s why they are so obedient. Dogs that don’t like you will actively avoid the hand you extend to pet.

Use his head to rub you

The dog likes to use the head to rub your hand, rub your thighs, indicating that the dog is very dependent on you very much like. Such a dog you can rest assured to touch it, because the dog will not hurt you, and even protect you.

Guard you to go to the toilet

When the owner goes to the toilet at home, some dogs will walk to the toilet door waiting, meaning: I will protect you, master. In the dog’s mind, defecation time is defenseless and easy to be attacked, so when he sees its favorite master going to the toilet, he naturally has to do its duty of protection.

Excited tail wagging

Dogs are very emotional animals, you can see their mood at the moment from the movement of their tail. Every time a dog sees you, he wags his tail excitedly, and smiles at you, while running to your feet and circling around, which means he is happy and excited to see you.

Wake you up every day

The dog knows that the owner has to go to work every day, so he runs into the room every day to wake you up. Although the way he wakes you up is a bit enthusiastic (licking your face or stepping on you), you can’t ignore that the dog is very attached to you, which is afraid that you are late.

No guarding behavior

It is normal for dogs to have food protection behavior, which is the nature of the animal. Generally after the master’s training, and with the time spent together becomes longer, the dog will be very trusting of the master, even if you take away the dog food he is eating, he will not be very resistant, is frozen looking at you.

Raising a dog should be fed to them regularly every day, so that the dog’s body is good. And dog food to choose high nutrition, good digestion.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge