Dogs like to rub on people is something to tell you!

Dogs touch people not only because they love their masters, but also because they have the following meanings. In fact, when a dog touches a person, there are some things to tell you. The master should not ignore it.

Recognition of your master status

Dogs like to use this smell to mark. If they like you and think you are a family member, they will often rub you and leave its smell on you to mark you as their family member. It also tells the dog outside that you are the master.

It has worms on it

Dogs with fleas, mites and other parasites will itch and feel uncomfortable. They cannot grasp this place by themselves, so they have to turn to their masters. Friction on the road can alleviate the problem. The owner should often help the dog to take a bath and not let it get dirty. He should also buy some insecticide spray.

Sticky dog

Many small pet dogs are more clingy to people, such as Bears and Teddy. When their owners are at home, they will stay beside you. When you sit on the sofa, they will be in your arms and rub their heads against you. These behaviors mean that they like you very much.

They are not feeling well

Dogs feel uncomfortable and rub people. Because they can’t speak, they can only express themselves by actions. When the owner sees the dog’s painful expression, he must take it to the doctor.

Want you to play with them for a while

The owner is usually too busy and seldom plays with the dog. They rub the owner to attract his attention. So if you have nothing to do and take your dog for a walk, you can go to the park, where there will be many dogs, and they can also make good friends. Even if you don’t have time to comfort the dog, you can give it a toy to play with, or eat some snacks to comfort it. Don’t ignore the dog.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge