Don’t do these stupid things, it’s not good for the dog!

Many new dog owners make a lot of mistakes because they are not familiar with dogs. The following points remind you that raising a dog doesn’t do these stupid things, it’s not good for the dog!

Lock the dog in the cage, do not let the dog out

Dogs are active, you can not because they are too rowdy at home, you shut the dog up and do not let them go out, you want to vent the dog’s energy, we must let the dog more exercise, which is conducive to physical and mental health. Often shut in the cage of the dog, the dog is prone to become autistic and grumpy, which is not good for the owner.

Dogs like to eat meat, so they are often fed

Dogs are fond of meat, but a single feeding meat is not conducive to dog health, because they belong to omnivorous animals, eat too much meat is not easy to digest, easy to constipation, and poop is also very smelly. So in addition to feeding meat you can also feed some fruits and vegetables, dry food for dogs to eat, so as to achieve a balanced nutrition.

Think it’s fun to scare your dog

Some pet owners just think that the dog is scared, scared look very interesting, always deliberately to scare the dog. For example, someone throws something it’s afraid of suddenly in front of it, or wakes it up loudly when it’s asleep. This behavior is only funny to the owner, the dog is very disgusted. If the dog is angry, it may also bite.

Dogs are tied up and punished for making mistakes

Dogs doing wrong should be taught a lesson, but pet owners can not always scold, or tied up the dog to receive punishment, which will bring it indelible psychological trauma. The right approach is to guide education, rewarding good performance, so that the dog as far as possible to the correct behavior, and to develop a habit.

Feeding chicken and fish bones to sharpen teeth

Feeding your dog bones is a cheap and affordable way to sharpen his teeth, but it is not correct to feed chicken or fish bones, because sharp and tiny bones that are not fully chewed and swallowed by the dog may cause intestinal bleeding. It is best to give your dog pig bones, beef bones, or dried chicken snacks that can grind teeth and also remove bad breath.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge