Heartwarming stories about dogs saving humans ’lives

Josh Billings, a humorist, once said, “Dogs are the only thing on earth that loves you more than yourself.” This emotion has never been more obvious than in a life-and-death emergency. Facing the imminent danger, dogs always show loyalty, courage, and wisdom to protect their families.

The relationship between dogs and people can be traced back thousands of years. After centuries of selective breeding, dogs are now the most abundant terrestrial predators on the earth, with various shapes, sizes, and colors. Hollywood is full of movies about our best friends; From “The Purpose of a Dog” starring in 2017 to Wes Anderson’s stop motion masterpiece “The Island of Dogs”, there are hundreds of films and TV programs with them. These two stories, as well as countless others, detail the connection between dogs and their human partners, a connection that transcends distance and time. These ties are not exaggerated by the film. As you will learn, the relationship between you and your dog can save your life.

Whether the elderly, blind, scared, or injured, dogs will take actions to save people many times – most of the time, the people who save them. From car accidents and house fires to near drowning and overseas battles, countless people owe their lives to the courage and determination of their dogs, neighbors’ dogs, and even four-legged strangers. Staker collected 10 moving examples to explain why dogs are really human’s best friends. The photos of the dogs adjacent to the following stories are not always the ones that are really discussed, but represent similar breeds.


In 2017, a dog named Peanut suffered terrible abuse and turned from being rescued into a rescuer. That year, People magazine reported that the crazy barking of peanuts reminded her owner of causing trouble outside her Michigan home. Following her in a cold place, they found a 3-year-old girl with hypothermia on the verge of death: she left her abusive home. When first responders arrived at the house, the traumatized girl reportedly mouthed the word “doggie.”


In the same winter of 2017, a man slipped in the cold snow of Michigan wilderness and broke his neck. When he lay paralyzed in bed, he believed that he was doomed to freeze to death. However, Kelsey, his golden retriever, was determined to save him. According to the Daily Telegraph, Kelsey lay on her master to keep him warm for 19 hours. After the master lost consciousness for a long time, she kept barking until the rescue arrived.


In the spring of 2018, a local subsidiary of Fox in Candor, New York, reported that a Yorkshire dog named Jazzy jumped from a rescue dog to a rescue dog. When Jazzy’s diabetes owner lost consciousness, she tried to wake him up by nudging his chin and barking wildly. This reminds the man’s mother that he woke him up before he suffered from diabetes shock. Thanks to Jazz, her master survived.


An 87-year-old man in Boynton Beach, Florida, may owe his life to his dog, Buddy. A local news station reported that when the old man fell down and could not stand up, his 12-year-old partner, who was not a spring chicken himself, suddenly took action. The dog sensed the danger, broke through the screen door, ran to the neighbor’s house, reminded them of the danger, and took them to the injured person, and then he was saved.


Some dogs bark for help, but not few. Its owner is a combat veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after being injured in the battle. When it had seizures, Labrador and the bulldog stepped on its owner’s iPhone, and called 911. According to the Huffington Post in 2014, the dispatcher hung up the phone many times and thought it was a prank or accidental call, forcing the service personnel to call only once, but 10 times.


In 2018, a golden retriever named Todd returned from a hiking trip in Arizona with a severely swollen nose. This is because when he jumped between the dangerous snake and its owner, he bit the rattlesnake’s face hard. After all, the owner did not know that she would step on one of the most lethal animals on the earth.


In 2017, a shepherd king from British Columbia named Saco was included in the Prisna Animal Hall of Fame for his amazing heroic deeds. Having survived a car accident that killed all passengers apart from Sako and his teenage owner, the dog took care of his badly wounded master for 40 hours until rescuers found them. Throughout the ordeal, Sako kept his master warm, led him to water, and fought off coyotes.


A Belgian malinois Army dog named Layka lost a leg in 2012 after being shot four times with an AK-47 while clearing a Taliban compound in Afghanistan. The soldiers she served praised her actions for saving their lives. When they returned to the United States, one of them, Staff Sergeant. Julian MacDonald adopted a three-legged war dog.


Senior pilot David Sharp adopted a pit bull from an animal shelter and named her Cheyenne. At that time, he was suffering from undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. A few months later, Sharp was on the verge of suicide. He sat on the floor of his kitchen with a pistol. Cheyenne walked up to Sharp, sat down, licked his ear, and made Sharp laugh. The veteran later said that the puppy in that moment gave him a new reason for living, and that in saving Cheyenne, she’d saved him, too.


During her six-year career, retired Marine Corps military working dog Luca led around 400 patrols in search of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and positively identified almost 40—saving innumerable lives. In her final action, Luca was destroyed by these explosives, and eventually lost her leg, but avoided permanent hearing or vision loss. In 2016, she became the first U.S. military working dog to receive the Dickin Medal, which recognizes the bravery or dedication of animals serving in the military or civil defense.

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