How to save yourself from a vicious dog? These tips are very useful!

Our chances of being attacked by wild animals outside are still very low, but the chances of being attacked by wild dogs are much higher. So how to save yourself when you encounter a vicious dog? These tips are very useful!

Pretend to tie shoelaces

If you encounter a dog on the road, don’t act flustered. Naturally, crouch down and pretend to tie your shoes, so the dog won’t come near you. On the dog’s subconscious level, crouching is an aggressive action, and they also duck first to be on the safe side. If the dog still approaches, pick up the rock and act aggressively to scare the dog.

Never look the dog in the eye

Looking at a dog for a long time, or looking it in the eye, in their world is provocative, especially strange dogs, maybe alert to you, when you think the opposite dog is “killing”, you should look at them, calm down and slowly walk away, the dog thinks you are not threatening, and will not try to bite.

Grab it by the collar

If you have a dog that is not a stray, it usually has a collar, and when the dog gets very close and wants to attack, we can find a way to grab the dog by the collar and squeeze, because if the dog feels like it can’t breathe, it will release its mouth.

Find a place to hide

A man’s instinct when he is afraid is to run, but a two-legged man is no match for a four-legged dog. If you are in an area where there is a room nearby or something that can block the dog, just run and hide without touching the dog.

Put something over the dog’s head

If you have an umbrella or clothing, you can take it off and cover the dog’s head, or you can suddenly open the umbrella to scare the dog away. Because they will suddenly become big things, and the dark environment will have fear, so will subconsciously avoid, at this time we can escape.

Therefore, dog owners must take care of their dogs, and can not abandon dogs at will, let them become stray dogs. During the breeding process, spend time with your dog and provide them with a healthy diet so that they can grow healthily.

Published On: December 7th, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge