How to Train Your Pet

The word “etiquette” means manners in French. It is a word that people need to live! A lot of pets are living with people and entering our lives. So pets need etiquette too, right?

And the word that was created is the word ‘pet ticket’. If you are a dog owner, it is a word that is now familiar enough to come across it once. For walking and traveling with dogs, it is comfortable to move when you have basic training. I would like to tell you about a useful exercise called the “wait and see drill”! Abrupt behavior of pets both outside and at home. It is an inevitable training to cope with the mishaps that may happen. For example, “Wait for training” is training to develop patience and perseverance in puppies. It is a training that can control pets who move according to the surrounding situation or curiosity.

Then, how can we teach “wait and learn”?

1. Training method using a rope

(1) Hold the leash short, look into the dog’s eyes, place your palm on the dog’s face, and say “wait”.

(2) If you do well, keep to teaching the command “Wait” accompanied by praise and snacks, and when you get used to this command, hold the line a little longer, wait, then hold the line and move.

(3) When the puppy moves along with the line, shout “wait” and if it does not move, accompany it with praise and treats, then make eye contact.

(4) In the same way as above, while gradually increasing the distance from the dog owner, repeatedly teach “wait for training” as a reward for snacks, and don’t forget to show them that you can move when the training is over!

2. Training method using hands

(1) When the dog is trying to move, spread your right palm to block the dog’s face as if to block the dog’s progress.

(2) At this time, say “wait” and give a command with a strong and firm tone, then reward the child with a snack when the child stops, and proceed with the training by gradually increasing the distance as in the training method using a rope.

(3) In the case of the method using the hands, children can recognize the word “wait” as stopping when they see their palm rather than the word “wait”. To a child who can understand the simple commands of the dog, it is training that needs to be done. First, start with easy training and then do more advanced training. “Wait for training” is the basic one for those who have a lot of appetite and too much energy.

If you proceed with determination and command with perseverance, you will meet a dog that can control itself well in one day.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge