Labradors have really good temperaments and can be considered if you want to get a dog!

Labradors contribute a lot to humans as excellent guide dogs and domestic dogs. Labrador has a really good temperament and can be considered by those who want to get a dog. In addition to the good temperament, there are the following advantages, after reading you will also want to raise it.

Can play with you

Labrador loves to play and has good physical strength. If you have children at home, it is a good thing to let it play games with them, after all, they have good physical strength and excellent obedience, you do not have to worry about the dog will hurt the children.

Won’t bark at home

Labrador almost seldom make a sound, unless shut in the cage for too long, or the owner has not played with it for a long time, too bored dog will bark to remind you that it is time to take it out to play, usually is with you to eat and sleep, work and rest time is very consistent.

A good swimmer

Labrador born to swim, when the weather is hot, they love nothing more than to play in the water, no matter winter or summer when they see the water will definitely go down to swim a few times to be happy. Lara can also save people from falling into the water if trained properly.


Labrador is naturally very brave, the owner explained that he should keep an eye on the house, Lala can do it. In addition, he is a large dog, just by looking at the size of people can be intimidating, thieves will not dare to come.

Good body and good appetite

Labrador can be considered a very good breeding dog, they are not picky, and every meal appetite is very good, see its appetite so good, the owner also have an appetite. But they eat too quickly, a lot of food swallowed into the stomach has not been digested, so the appetite is easy to become larger, the dog is easy to become fat. 

Do not like to fight

Labrador’s character is very docile, rarely will fight, generally others provoke it, they will avoid it, and really can not stand to fight back. Such a docile dog will not actively attack humans, after training can also help the owner work. If you also want your dog to help you do chores, such as throwing out the garbage, picking up the delivery and so on, you can train. If there is a reward of snacks during training, the effect is very good, after all, Labrador greedy for food.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge