Most popular dog breeds that are good for families

It is easy to understand why people say dogs are men’s best friends, but they can also completely change family dynamics. If you have ever owned a dog, you know that each member of your family has developed a special relationship with the pet. In return, you will get unconditional love. Many of us may think that they are additional members of our family.

Dogs have ways to lighten their moods through their antics and presence. Usually, they are just a great company. But at the same time, children learn responsibility by feeding, walking, and helping to take care of them. The skilled watchdog even creates an additional layer of security, making you feel safer at home.

However, not all dogs are equal; Some dogs are more suitable for children than others. Stacker compiled its list using data from the American Kennel Club’s Best Family Dogs list and considered breeds that were in the top 200 most popular breeds in America in 2018 (data released 2019). In addition, criteria such as friendliness, trainability, temperament toward other dogs, gentleness with children, and, of course, cuteness were other factors considered.

Which variety is suitable for your family? Your child’s age plays the same important role as your living space. Urban residents usually choose small and medium-sized bulldogs, such as pugs or French bulldogs, so that they can easily walk through apartment buildings and crowded sidewalks. But suburban families can make enough backyard and park space for Labradors and Retrievers.

Perhaps the decision that affects your family is not size, but cleaning: do you mind if your dog has long hair or short hair? Fluffy or often falling off? Is your child bad enough or allergic?

Perhaps for working parents, what is more important is how much or how little responsibility your child has to take when caring for a variety that requires more attention than a more autonomous variety. Fortunately, this list should provide some insight into these decisions.

Here are the 16 best breeds to welcome into your home and make a part of the family.

1. Icelandic sheepdog

To show loyalty, the Icelandic Shepherd Dog is probably your child’s best friend. If you are looking for a dog that can make you feel like a king or queen, don’t look again. They are known for an irresistible special cheerful greeting. They will help your child get things from behind the computer screen because the Icelandic Shepherd Dog is energetic and eager for outdoor fun.

2. Bergamasco sheepdog

The huge mane on the Belgamasco Shepherd Dog is a miracle. These dogs are very cold, very suitable for children to use, and the maintenance cost is very small. Don’t look for these gregarious dogs to start fighting with others, but they are smart enough to protect you when you need them. According to the Belgamasco Shepherd Dog Club, the good news is that you only need to bathe them once or three times a year.

3. Bearded collie

Friendly, playful bearded sheepdog will be ready to play, regardless of the weather. They are so friendly that they may not scare off thieves, but they have a powerful bark. You will like the bearded shepherd dog to have the reputation of “herding” children to safe places.

4.  American Eskimo dog

American Eskimo dogs will kill you lovingly: they have a sweet face and an angel-like white fluffy coat. They like to be chatted about at home. Iski, their nickname is, very friendly. They may become friends with the cat in their family. They are also interesting; Some owners of these pets will tell you that their dogs will “talk” to them.

5. Brussels griffon

The Griffin of Brussels has about 10 pounds of charm. Some of the characteristics of these dogs may make you laugh. They are full of personality, always confident, and can show a little high head. They are ideal for families with older children because they are bold and easy to play tricks on.

6. American Staffordshire terrier

Staffordshire Terrier is a breed of puppy that you may remember seeing Pete in our gang comedy. Although amateurs are gentle with children, they can show their stride to other dogs. You have to do some training to make him or her a member of a good club.

7. Airedale terrier

This dog is called the “King of Terrier” because it is the largest. Despite its large scale, according to the Irish Terrier Club, it is still friendly, calm and aimed at pleasing people. The organization recommends that you enroll your dog in “puppy or kindergarten classes.”. The Airedale is a sweetie pie at heart, but don’t mistake him or her for a wimp: They will bark for just cause.

8. Alaskan Malamute

You want to make an Alaska sled from the beginning. From an early age, make laws to make sure that you are the boss. Otherwise, the dog may think he or she can manage the house. These dogs are difficult to surround because they are excellent excavators and climbers. If you win their respect, you will have an ideal family pet, which will make you happy.

9. Rhodesian ridgeback

If you are not suitable for an independent dog who wants what he wants, forget Rhodesia’s back. These dogs come from South Africa and chase lions, making them good partners for active families. According to Animal Planet, they can make a horse run 30 miles. Word Yes, they are also immune to insect bites.

10. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is too big, which reminds people of a bear. But this gentle giant is very popular and is called “nanny dog” because it can take care of children better than some nannies. They are famous for their calmness and patience. They like not only children, but also other animals and strangers. Novice don’t like barking, but they do when they need to. They also like swimming. One thing to note is that their training can be challenging.

11. Collie

Collies are typical family dogs. They like to stay outside, but they are more happy. They are still inside and close to their families. Shepherds are loyal and protective of their owners. Remember how many times Lacey saved her life in the small farm community?

12. Pug

Pugs are beloved for an expressive face that gets right to your heart. They are affectionate and love kids and other dogs. Pugs are peaceable, laid back, and typically do not go overboard with barking and chewing. They do, however, snore.

13. Bernese mountain dog

The dogs of Burns Hill can calm down, but they will come down to play with a gentle push. They are friendly and easy to train. Understand that dogs can sometimes challenge you because of their size and energy. Their loud barking makes them ideal watchdog.

14. Beagle

According to the American Kennel Club, the beagle is one of the most popular dogs among American pet owners. Those lovely eyes suck at you. Dogs are lovely. They are ideal for families because they are high-energy and entertaining, and they like to play. Make sure you and your family have time to show your beagle the attention he or she desires and needs.

15. Bulldog

Bulldogs have a face like none other. Your stocky pal will keep you guessing with his or her inquisitive looks. Bulldogs are docile, but keep them moving because they love to eat. Don’t disturb them at mealtime; you might hear barking if you do.

16. French bulldog

Maybe it is a bat’s big ears or a thoughtful old man’s face, but according to the American Kennel Club, the French bulldog is one of the most popular small dogs in the world. These dogs like other dogs, so be prepared to flirt with furry friends and clowns. Don’t be jealous, because they will love you too. In fact, be prepared to have an extra shadow because they like to follow your surroundings.

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