Pit bulls are so scary that ordinary people are afraid to keep them!

When it comes to fierce dogs, many people will think of the American Pit Bull, they look very vicious, and ordinary people will be scared to see them. Some people say that the Pit Bull is too scary, the average person would not dare to raise it!


People like the Pitbull because it has a spirit of never giving up, and it is indomitable when it comes to danger, even if it dies in battle, it does not admit defeat. But also because of this feature, if it bites, it really may not be able to escape, life is gone.

It is banned in many places

To be honest, Pit bulls are naturally aggressive and prone to accidents and are very wary and aggressive once they encounter other animals or strangers. So in many cities are banned, people are afraid of these dogs.

Not easy to tame

A dog like the Pitbull would have required the owner to have experience in dog breeding and an aura that could overpower the dog. The average person can not tame it, so do not easily breed.

Occasionally a little stubborn

Pit bulls are stubborn, sometimes stubborn but submissive, and will settle down with a little spanking. They are generally not close to other dogs, especially puppies, and they will not play with dogs smaller than them.

Super Strength

Because of their size, Pit Bulls are very strong, and sometimes when they go out for a walk, they get excited and run in one direction and the owner can’t even pull them. So you need to educate them properly, and they must be walked on a leash when they go out, and not let out to run blindly.

In feeding the Pitbull, it is not advocated to feed it meat for a long time, long-term eating meat is easy to cause allotriophagia, but also picky, and dogs need to absorb a variety of nutrients, trace elements, and vitamins, but meat is difficult to do nutritional balance, it is recommended to feed dog food as the main, meat as a supplement, nutrition will be more comprehensive.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge