Purebred huskies have these traits, and you can’t fake it!

Although many people say the husky is too noisy, but there are still a lot of people love it. Today, we will teach you the selection method of purebred husky, with these characteristics of husky, pedigree is very pure.

The hair of a purebred husky

Purebred huskies are generally not smooth, graceful, compact, and have a thick coat. The hair density is also very even, not too thick, nor too long, otherwise, it will hide the outline of the husky.

The eyes of a purebred husky

In fact, blue eyes in huskies are a probability gene that occurs when they are inherited. It’s not that blue eyes are purebred dogs. Brown-eyed huskies are also common. We can look at the shape of the dog’s eyes, with the nose as the center line, to see if the eyes are properly separated and if the eyes are shaped like almonds.

The size of a purebred husky

The temperament of the purebred husky is really different. It looks like the overall body shape is coordinated and smooth. This sense of coordination can make them more advantageous in the work. A husky with a big head or short legs is disqualified, not a purebred dog.

The head of a purebred husky

The head of the purebred husky has an obvious feature, the hair on the forehead is in the shape of three fire, the ears are upright and triangular, the hair is thick, and the outer ear hair color is the same as the body surface color, the inner ear is mostly white, when it is happy or excited, it will be close to the head back, looks very lovely.

The personality of a purebred husky

Purebred huskies are docile, not like the Internet said love to tear down homes, disobedient, they are non-aggressive dogs, and will not bite people. Purebred huskies are intelligent and rarely bark, except in special circumstances. But it is true that they are energetic and can play for hours without tiring.

Purebred huskies are mischievous but obedient with a little training.

Published On: December 7th, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge