Raising a Pomeranian to do these points can make it “beautiful”!

Pomeranian can live for more than 15 years if it is well kept. How to raise a healthy and beautiful Pomeranian? Just do the following points!

Don’t let the dog sleep in a wet place
Pomeranian is suitable for living in a dry and clean environment, if you let the dog sleep in a wet place is very easy to suffer from skin diseases, which will cause the dog to lose hair, rashes and so on, the face is not good.

Vaccination and deworming
The pet dog like Pomeranian, poor health, regular vaccination and deworming is necessary, otherwise the dog is very easy to die when sick. Do not take your dog out to play after you have just helped him with his vaccinations. Dogs are dewormed by feeding deworming medicine and using drops, generally internal deworming is once in 3 months, external deworming is once in 1 month.

Blow dry the hair after bathing
The hair of Boomerang is long and fluffy and looks beautiful, but it is also very troublesome to clean up, first of all, you need to comb the hair every day, and secondly, you need to do regular bathing, use dog bathing gel, and blow dry immediately after washing, so that Boomerang dogs are not easy to catch a cold and get sick. Pomeroy is afraid of the cold, it is best to help it put on clothes in the fall and winter.

Proper calcium supplementation
The skeleton of Pomeranian is fragile, because they are active and like to jump around, injuries and broken feet are very common, the owner should not let them play in very high places. You can feed them some goat milk or calcium tablets for calcium supplementation to make their bones strong and less likely to break.

Do not eat leftover food
Boomer’s intestines are different from other dogs who can digest anything. They can’t digest food that is too greasy or hard, which can easily lead to diarrhea in dogs. Eating too salty is also easy to have tear stains, and a light diet is needed on a daily basis. If your Pomeranian dog has tear marks, you should often help it wipe its eyes, you can also massage around the eyes, and you can unblock the nasolacrimal duct, not easy to form tear marks.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge