These behaviors can cause dogs to resent them, and it’s no surprise that they bite!

Dogs show enthusiasm for things they like and resistance to things they don’t like. Let me tell you, the following behaviors will cause dogs to resent, and it is not surprising that they bite!

Kissing and hugging other dogs

Dogs are also very jealous, especially when they see their beloved master kissing and hugging other people’s dogs, they will be jealous and angry. They will bark at the owner as if to say: do not you love me anymore? How dare you go and kiss another dog? A jealous dog may fight with the other dog to compete for the owner’s favor.

Keep staring at the dog

The dog is a sensitive and wary animal, if someone keeps looking at it, they will think you have something against it and think you want to attack it or something, so dogs are very uncomfortable with being stared at by others. When you meet a strange dog outside, don’t make eye contact with them for a long time.

Scold the dog very loudly

In fact, many dogs are very timid, the master scolded two sentences will be afraid, they can also feel the mood of the master and know that you are not happy, so after being scolded will be very afraid, become very alert. Long-term in a state of wariness especially timid dogs will slowly alienate you.

Make very exaggerated movements

Why dogs can be sensitive to distinguish, which is good, and which is bad, because the bad guys are behaving strangely, thus attracting the attention of the dog. If you make a very large action in front of the dog, like grabbing the dog’s mouth, hand waving around in front of the dog, etc… It may irritate the dog and make it want to attack you.

Forcing your dog to take a bath

When the dog is particularly resistant to bathing, the owner should not force it, otherwise the dog will have aversion to you. Want to make the dog good bath, or coax them a little, you can feed some snacks, so that the dog relaxed with the bath.

Joke about food

If you take away the dog’s food bowl when it is eating happily, it will irritate the dog and he will want to bite if he thinks you don’t give him something to eat. So do not have too many hands, deliberately take away food to tease the dog, they will only resent.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge