Top 5 Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

On the one hand, some people like dogs that are good at sports and agility training. On the other hand, some people don’t think that’s what they want in a puppy companion, and for these people, a non-athletic dog is a better fit for their needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a large dog to hunt with or a puppy to cuddle in your arms, you’ll find it in the non-sporting dog breeds. Here is our summary of the top 5 non-sporting dog breeds.


Poodles are clever, lovable, and faithful, and the three different sizes are enough to make this breed adaptable to any family. They have curly coats and cute looks. Their intelligent brains make them extremely trainable and can learn any trick you want to teach them. They also come in many colors for you to choose from and are extremely friendly with other pets and human children.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are small and cute looking and love to do whatever you are doing. They were bred to be companion dogs and are still up to the task today. However, they are also good at flyball, agility, diving, and hunting. These pups love attention and need lots of activity to stay busy.

American Eskimos

With their stunning beauty and intelligence, American Eskimos are the embodiment of beauty and intelligence. They love humans and have a high degree of trainability that makes them competent to be family dogs. This friendly breed also comes in three sizes, so they can be found everywhere in life.


The Dalmatian is highly recognizable for its spotted coat. The strikingly muscular and well-built Dalmatian was initially designed to protect horses and trainers, making them reliable watchdogs. This breed loves humans, is extremely loyal and energetic, and would make an ideal running or hiking companion.


The Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Mexican Hairless, should not be deterred by its appearance because underneath that unique look is a lovable dog companion. The Xoloitzcuintli is an excellent watchdog that loves to snuggle with its favorite people. This breed has been around for over three thousand years and comes in three sizes (toy, miniature, and standard) and two breeds (hairless and coated). Whatever your criteria for size and coat, you’ll be able to pick the one of your choice.

The non-sports group can offer you a wide range of options. Let’s choose the best partner according to your needs and lifestyle. Remember to take good care of them.

Published On: December 7th, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge