What Does It Mean When Your Dog Barks Into The Air?

If your dog barks into thin air, do not brush his behavior off as just a little eccentric. Barking is a major mode of communication within the canine universe, and if your pooch is barking for what appears to be no reason, realize that the furry guy does indeed have one, even if it is not totally clear to you.

Hear a voice from afar

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing. Any movement outside the house cannot escape their ears. They suddenly bark at a certain place and may hear a voice from afar, such as other dogs or strangers.

I am Scared!

Some dogs bark as a way to soothe themselves. You may hear your pup bark a very high pitch sound which may be accompanied by whining. If your dog has issues with separation anxiety or any other fear or phobia, this is the bark you will likely hear. It may be accompanied by walking in circles or pacing. In this case, it is okay to comfort him.

Animals in Your Neighborhood

One of the most common reasons for unexplained barking is the presence of animals near your home. Ranging from roaming dogs in the neighborhood to rabbits frolicking your property, our dogs can sense the presence of these creatures before we can.

Barking Due to Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can cause a dog to bark without an apparent cause. This can be due to a medical condition that causes cognitive dysfunction in dogs or even a painful condition that causes a dog to cry out. These conditions often present suddenly in our canine friends or come along with other concerning symptoms.

Alerting to Potential Danger

Dogs often feel a need to protect their home and their loved ones. Due to this, they may alert to any noises they see as a potential danger. For example, before an earthquake or fire comes, they may bark to warn you about this ‘approaching danger.’

We do not always understand the exact cause of unexplained barking in our canine friends, making it even more complicated to put an end to. To help you better address the situation, you can give more social training to the dog and combine it with snack rewards, so that they will be obedient.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge