Why Are People Afraid Of Pit Bulls?

When it comes to fierce dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers come to our mind. Pit Bulls have a very vicious appearance that many people dare not raise them.

Strong Willpower

People love pit bulls because of their never-giving spirit and strong willpower. It is precisely this that has been favored by many dog lovers. However, once you are bitten by it, the consequences can be serious or even fatal!

They are banned in many cities

Pit bulls are naturally aggressive and alert, especially when encountering other animals or strangers, and have a certain aggressiveness. So they are banned in many cities.

Not easy to tame

Raising a dog like a pit bull requires a certain amount of experience, and ordinary people can not tame it, so do not raise them easily until you make up your mind.

Occasionally stubborn

Pit bulls are stubborn but obedient. When they are very stubborn, strict discipline will make them steady. They rarely interact with other dogs, especially puppies.

Super Strength

Pit bulls are large, so they have powerful strength. Sometimes when they get excited when they go out for a walk, they will run in one direction so that the owner can not pull it. Therefore, the owner needs to strictly discipline them – fastening a safety rope, and cannot let them run around.

When feeding pit bulls, it is not recommended to feed it meat for a long time, and long-term eating meat is easy to cause pica and picky eating. Dogs need to absorb a variety of nutrients, trace elements, and vitamins every day, and it is difficult to achieve nutritional balance in meat. It is recommended to feed dog food as the main food, supplemented by meat, so that the nutrition will be more comprehensive.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge