Why does the dog bark at the air for no reason?

Some people say that dogs are very spiritual animals, it can see something that people can’t see, and will alert the owner by barking. Why do dogs bark at the air for no reason? In fact, it is not so mysterious, and there is no need to be afraid, the reason for barking are these points.

Hearing a distant sound

Dogs have good hearing and can really listen to all directions, so what’s going on outside can’t escape the dog’s ears. They suddenly bark at a certain place, may be heard from afar, may be the dog similar, or may be the sound of strangers to the home, or bark twice to warn, or respond.

Scared at home by himself

Dogs are scared when they are left alone in a space. For example, if they sleep in a kennel by themselves for the first time, they may bark more than once because they are afraid, this is because of uneasiness and fear. Usually when they are familiar with the environment or grow up, the situation will improve.

Finding small animals

Dogs have the instinct to chase small animals, from rats and rabbits to mosquitoes and flying insects, all of which may attract their attention. They can’t climb over walls like cats, but can only scratch the air a few times or bark a few times to warn of passing flying insects, many times the insects have already flown away and the owner can’t see them, so they hear the dog barking and feel very strange.

Irritable behavior during the rut

Dogs in heat are particularly grumpy and don’t like to go home, and want to run around and find dogs of the opposite sex as soon as they go out. Owners want to control them is also very difficult. Because the emotions are not ventilated, the dog will howl at home, the male dog will also be at home to urinate. So if you don’t want your dog to have puppies, you should take them to be spayed or neutered.

Sensing danger

Dogs have a certain ability to foresee, before the earthquake or fire, they will bark to alert their owners, and will try to drag their owners out of danger. When you meet such a protective dog, you should cherish it.

A stranger enters the house

In fact, the dog will be more xenophobic, and will not let unfamiliar people into their territory. If you continue to offend, the dog will bark at you as a warning. So don’t provoke the dog you don’t know, or be bitten is possible.

If your dog will also be very afraid to see strangers, will bark at people or bite people, you can do more socialization training. Training combined with snack rewards, it will obey a lot.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge