Why is the dog shaking? It is possible that it is asking you for help!

Sometimes we will see the dog’s body trembling, what is going on? In fact, many reasons cause a dog to shake, one of which is asking the owner for help, and the owner should not ignore it.

Have a neuromuscular disease

If the dog has a neuromuscular disease, the dog will also be shaking all the time. If you see your dog shivering all the time, but there is no injury after examination, and calcium supplements are useless, it is best to go to the hospital for further examination.

Dogs are afraid of cold

This is the same as humans, dogs feel that the surrounding temperature suddenly becomes cold, they will shiver, if the surrounding area is very cold, the dog will keep shaking, as a way to generate more heat to maintain body temperature, in the cold, remember to help the dog wear a piece of clothing.

Body pain response

Dogs at home are more mischievous, often jumping up and down, so it is easy to get injured, they feel the body pain, and there will be a shivering reaction. If you see your dog lying in the corner at home, and shaking, it is best to check whether it is injured.

Because of fear

Some dogs are very timid, in a new environment, or can not see their master, they will be very restless, afraid, and then there will be shaking. At this time the owner should hug the dog to calm it down.

Calcium deficiency

Dogs shaking regularly may also be caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium ions are an important factor in regulating muscle contraction and relaxation. If the dog’s body is deficient in calcium, it will lead to abnormal muscle function and will show symptoms such as weakness, shaking, and cramping. This is the time to help the dog to supplement calcium.

Normally raising a dog, pay attention to the nutritional supplement, to choose a balanced, protein-rich dog food, so that the dog can grow strong.

Published On: December 21st, 2022Categories: Dog knowledge