How to clean the dog dander

Under normal metabolic conditions, epidermal cells will continue to grow, age, die and shed. It’s just that dogs have more hair than people, so this condition is more likely to occur. In addition, parasitic infections, allergic reactions or skin inflammation, and other conditions will also make the dander more.


A thorough bath for your dog can be a good way to get rid of the old flakes that have accumulated on the skin. Generally, bathing does not need to be too frequent, once every two weeks in summer and once a month in winter. Because too frequent bathing may destroy the protective layer of oil on the dog’s coat.

Hair care spray:  

If your dog lives in a dry environment, it may also cause a lot of dandruff, so you may want to buy some oil-based hair care spray from a pet supply store. After spraying on the hair, you can effectively avoid excessive evaporation of water on the dog’s hair.

Emollient oil:

Generally used to baby skin care products can also moisturize the dog’s coat.


Regular combing of the dog’s coat can brush off the old dander and dead hair that is usually produced, and can also help the dog to distribute the natural oils secreted by the skin evenly over every inch of the skin, and as long as the coat is combed regularly, many of the problems of dander can be well resolved. Be careful not to choose a comb with teeth that are too hard. You can try it with the back of your own hand, and if it feels painful, then the dog will probably feel the same way, using a special pet grooming comb.

Add some pet cooking oil:

One reason for the huge increase in dander can also be that dogs don’t get enough oil from their food. That’s why it’s a good idea to add a moderate amount of pet-specific fish oil to the food, which can help restore normal metabolic function to the skin. Just add half a spoon or a teaspoon of fish oil every day to have a significant improvement.

Change of diet:

Some poorer-quality diets do not meet your dog’s individual nutritional needs and can lead to poor coat health. Most dogs with dander problems heal naturally when they are switched to another more specialized diet.

Published On: December 16th, 2022Categories: Dog Health