What situation can not give the dog a bath

It is vital to pet dog grooming and maintenance. It is indispensable to give your dog a regular and timely bath in the process of raising a dog. And scientific research shows that it is not always possible to bath a dog. As a breeder, you should know when it is absolutely not possible to bath your dog.

First, do not bath your dog immediately after a meal. If the dog eats too much, then it is best to wait for it to digest before bathing it. Because giving a bath to a dog that has just eaten can cause the blood vessels in the skin to dilate, causing only less blood to flow to the stomach, which can cause indigestion and lower blood sugar in the dog, which can easily make the dog faint.

Second, the dog should not be bathed after a serious illness. At this time, the dog is weak and weak resistance, it is easy to get sick again. If you must give your dog a clean, then you can try to give it a comb and wipe its body with a towel.

Third, if your dog has just undergone strenuous exercise, do not immediately shower. In the hot summer, if your dog has just participated in strenuous exercise, do not immediately shower it. You should wait until the dog is calm and its body limbs and muscles are back to normal before bathing it.

Fourth, a dog that has just been vaccinated cannot be bathed immediately. It must be safe to spend the vaccine observation period, which is usually about 7-10 days, and only after everything is normal for the dog can you bath it.

Finally, you can’t bath your dog in a cold and wet environment. Because such an environment is more likely to cause the dog to get sick with a cold. Especially in winter, make sure to bathe your dog in a warm room to prevent illness.

Published On: December 16th, 2022Categories: Dog Health