Beauty precautions

Just off the tail, upright puppies can not take a bath, you can use a warm towel to try the body. If your dog keeps tossing his head and scratching his ears with his PAWS, it’s time to clean his ears.

If the dog dyer is not very skilled, it is recommended to go to the regular pet grooming institution when dyeing the dog, so as not to accidentally get the dyeing agent accidentally to the dog’s mouth, nose, ears and other parts, serious may cause the dog blind, breathing problems, so we must be very careful!

To build the dog hair, to prepare dog grooming tools, to give the dog with professional grooming tools.

To rim the dog’s hair, the dog’s hair texture is very important, with a flowing soft hair dog, trim out will be more beautiful, more beautiful. To make their dog’s hair look more beautiful, owners can feed their dogs a diet rich in protein, as well as foods such as egg yolk and fish oil, which are all good for grooming.

As a qualified owner, your dog’s diet is also an important part of your dog’s daily grooming and care, and it is important to give your dog adequate nutritional needs. Give your dog a bone once in a while. Eat a soft bone. Dogs should try not to eat too salty, too hot food. A well-balanced dog food is the healthiest food for your dog. Combine it with fresh fruits and vegetables once in a while.

Published On: December 18th, 2022Categories: Dog Grooming