Grooming of different breeds

There is a popular saying that poodle grooming is the king of grooming.

I have to admit, poodle grooming is difficult. The first is the care of poodle hair before grooming. This kind of care requires a special person’s professional skills and techniques, and a long time of maintenance. This is the most difficult VIP beauty.

For terriers, the difficulty lies in the treatment of the back hair, which is a very difficult thing. The groomer has to spend time on the back hair treatment every day like sculpting, which is also known as circular plucking. There are only a handful of people in China who really master this technology.

Compared with the two breeds, there are no other aspects of beauty difficulty.

Now the relationship between the grooming of these breeds. Here I can imagine that the beginning groomer, the grooming enthusiast, thinks of grooming a dog as shearing. Not really. Grooming should be understood as the treatment of the dog’s coat, and then become a balanced, beautiful, cute. Here it involves the requirements of the pet level and the requirements of the race level.

Pet level requires cute, game level requires balance.

The most basic part of the relationship between these breeds is the grooming of the miniature Schnauzer. Whether it is the treatment of the back hair or the trimming of the leg hair, the grooming of the miniature Schnauzer is basically the line of the dog.

The sublimation in styling should be the poodle and Bichon Frise grooming. This grooming is based on the groomer’s grasp of the line sense and the unique structural standards of their breed to modify the coat, so that it is balanced and beautiful.

The essence of grooming is the same from breed to breed. If you grasp the structural characteristics of your grooming dog, find your own feelings in the sense of line balance. These depend on the understanding and hard work of the beautician.

Published On: December 18th, 2022Categories: Dog Grooming