Dog care tips for owners

Sometimes you might need to pluck your dog’s ears. It’s a good idea to consult a veterinarian or professional groomer for the first time to show you how to do it safely and correctly. Dog ear powder will help you catch slippery dog hair.

When bathing your dog, you can use a few special dog conditioners.

It is important to summarize care methods according to dog type and fur type.

The bathroom should pay attention to the ground non-slip, can be covered with rubber bottom carpet.

Use pet hair dryer, do not use human hair dryer.

If you don’t have time to give your dog a bath, go to a dog groomer or get a professional to help you, but it’s best if the owner gives your dog a bath, so the dog won’t be afraid.

If the dog has skin problems, it should go to the professional pet hospital for treatment in time.

Brush your dog’s teeth with pet toothpaste instead of human toothpaste.

Don’t shower too often. Once every two weeks is enough. Professional dog grooming services advocate washing every four to six weeks. Bathing too often can dry out your dog’s skin and lose its natural oils.

Try to prevent shampoo from getting in your dog’s eyes, which can seriously affect them. Put the shampoo in your hand and spread it over the dog instead of just holding the bottle and pouring it over the dog. Never let water into your dog’s ear canal. It can severely damage them. If a small amount of water enters, it can be dried with a small cotton ball or cotton pad, and gently pat the ear canal together. Take him to the vet if there is a bruise in the ear canal.

Published On: December 15th, 2022Categories: Dog Health