Dogs have a poor appetite, how to improve it?

In fact, it is normal for dogs to have no appetite to eat occasionally. But for a long time the dog has a poor appetite, it may be a physical problem, today we will learn how to improve the dog’s lack of appetite.

Common causes of poor appetite in dogs:

When the weather is too hot, the dog will have no appetite, and sickness and cold, heat, food spoilage, or eat too many snacks, they will also be reluctant to eat, the owner should be targeted to solve the dog’s picky eating problem.

The ways to improve:

Let the dog exercise more

Exercise can promote digestion, the owner can take the dog to run, climbing, which can promote digestion, but also exercise, so if you have time, walk with your dog.

Regular feeding

Owners should feed regularly every day to help the dog’s gastrointestinal digestion, the owner better feed every day on time, if the dog did not finish, you should take it away, except for this time will not feed something to eat, so that the dog can develop good eating habits.

Add some nutritious food

You can add a little meat, carrots, cabbage, egg yolk and other foods to the dog’s daily dog food, which can improve the taste of the food, attracting the dog to eat, but also to supplement nutrition.

Feed some probiotics

Dogs sometimes have poor digestion, the food in the stomach has not been digested, there is certainly no appetite, the owner can feel its stomach, see if the stomach is bulging, and then feed some probiotics to speed up intestinal peristalsis, to promote digestion.

Change dog food

Dogs will get tired of eating the same kind of dog food for a long time, and then they will lose their appetite. So change its dog food every once in a while, the new taste can stimulate the dog’s appetite.

Published On: December 15th, 2022Categories: Dog Health