Pay attention in the fall, the health of the dog is most important!

It is now September and the weather is slowly turning cooler. There is also a lot to be aware of when it comes to raising your dog.

Remember to help the dog deworming

The spring and autumn season is very suitable for the growth and reproduction of parasites, dogs may be infected with fleas and mites when they go out to play, so deworming work should be done. You can buy some in vitro deworming medicine to spray on your dog before going out, and internal deworming medicine should also be fed regularly, usually once every 3 months.

Beware of kennel cough

After the weather turns cold, dogs are most likely to suffer from respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, kennel cough is a contagious bronchitis, a disease of the respiratory organs, the onset of the dog will be manifested as a cough, vomiting, and always drinking a lot of water. The dog will turn into secondary bronchopneumonia if it continues to be bad, so it is important to take it to the hospital as soon as possible.

Control the dog in heat

The spring and autumn seasons are the dog’s heat period, when dogs will be looking for a partner, run around, and easily get lost, as well as become grumpy, no appetite for food and other symptoms. If you don’t want your female dog to get pregnant accidentally, you must be careful not to let your male dog get close to your female dog. And take male dogs out to hold a rope, do not let them run around.

Blow dry the hair after bathing

The weather has turned cooler, to help the dog bathing with warm water, you can choose in the noon when the sun is relatively large bath, the number of times not too frequent, can be once a week or half a month, and after the bath to blow dry immediately. Take your dog out in the sun every day to promote the growth of the hair, which can become more beautiful.

Beware of colds

When the season changes, people tend to catch a cold, and so do dogs. In places where there is a big difference in temperature between day and night, dogs should be given a small mat to sleep at night so that their stomachs don’t get cold. Dogs with a cold will have the symptoms of a runny nose, the owner can feed some small butch beard, and if it is diarrhea, you can feed some probiotics.

Do not feed too much at once

The appetite of the dog will also be better in autumn, the owner can not see the dog love to eat, so feed a lot, which is not good for digestion, but also very easy to grow fat, and obese dogs caused by a series of complications is very terrible, but also shorten life expectancy. So to control the dog’s diet, eat healthily, the dog can live longer. Very fat dogs have to lose weight, you can eat some low-fat dog food, both nutritious and not afraid to grow fat.

Published On: December 14th, 2022Categories: Dog Health