These behaviors are hurting your dog’s body!

It’s never easy to keep a dog, and if you don’t do it properly, you can shorten your dog’s life. The veterinarian advises that these behaviors are harming your dog’s body and you should stop doing them.

Prepare an electric blanket for your dog

The pet owners remember one thing, even if it is winter, do not let the dog sleep on the electric blanket, which will weaken the dog’s ability to resist the cold, but also increase the risk of electric shock and other safety hazards. The cotton kennel is good, if the dog is afraid of cold, you can add a small quilt.

Always feed the dog very full

If you have a large dog, the owner sees the dog every meal are gobbling up the appearance, they think they are very hungry, and always feed a lot to the dog to eat, fearing that they are starving, which will only make the dog appetite, easy to grow fat, and affect the digestion of the stomach. In fact, dogs eat a little less to help the digestion of food, each meal to feed an eighth full is good, eat too much fat is not good.

Do not deworm for your dog

Dogs like to play outside, there are a lot of bugs outdoors, when the dog rolls on the grass, it is easy to be infected with parasites, the worms will chew the dog’s skin, so they feel very itchy, but also lose hair, and even grow a rash. So it is necessary to deworm your dog, and it is also for the health of the pet owner, after all, parasites can be transmitted to people.

Feed leftovers every day

There are still some people who think it’s okay for dogs to eat leftovers. You may not see any problem in the short term, but eating leftovers for a long time will aggravate the symptoms of hair loss, tear stains, and skin diseases. If you really want your dog’s health, you can cook a separate food without salt for your dog and not feed him leftovers every day. Or choose a cost-effective dog food to feed, so that it is nutritious and healthy.

Not concerned about your dog’s dental health

Many people do not think about dogs also need to brush their teeth, they think it is not necessary. But owners often feed their dogs soft food (such as canned food, meat), and do not brush their teeth, dogs are prone to yellow teeth and bad breath, tartar dental disease. When a dog has rotten teeth and dental disease, it suffers and has little appetite to eat, and then it becomes thin. That’s why it is important to help your dog take care of his teeth and pay attention to his oral health. Even if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, you should usually prepare some teething sticks to clean your dog’s teeth, or choose some teething snacks to feed.

Published On: December 15th, 2022Categories: Dog Health