A detailed introduction to pet grooming equipment

There are many breeds of dogs and different grooming equipment and techniques used, but most dog and cat grooming starts with the following seven procedures: brushing, grooming, ear and eye cleaning, toenail repair, bathing, drying, and trimming. Basically, pet grooming relies on the following 12 kinds of grooming equipment:

  1. Beauty table

Dogs and cats are active, not trained dogs and cats, it is not easy to quietly accept the beauty action, therefore, a can bind, stop sliding, safe pet beauty table – beauty table is very necessary.

(1) Due to different operating occasions, it can be roughly divided into the following forms:

  • Light type. Light and easy to carry, suitable for dog and cat show or travel and other need to go out to use.
  • Working type. Slightly heavier but more stable, it does not wobble when dogs and cats are agitated, and is the most commonly used work table in the pet grooming industry.

(2) Requirements for a good beauty table:

  • After the foot of the table is opened, the four corners should not be shaken (to reduce the tension of pets).
  • The desktop should be tightly attached to the non-slip rubber plate (non-slip).
  • The table along the decorative plate and the rubber plate close joint (to prevent the appearance of the dead Angle can not be cleaned).
  1. Electric scissors

All kinds of pet grooming preliminary modeling, need to use electric scissors first, quickly cut off excess hair. Electric clippers used by pet grooming professionals include:

  • Electromagnetic oscillation type.
  • B. Motor cyclotron type.

A good electric shear needs to have the following conditions: durable, slow wear, long service time, easy to repair, parts and consumables easy to obtain.

  1. Electric shear head

The manufacturer has set the tooth width, density and length of the electric shear head for all kinds of wool. Manufacturers for different dog tailor-made, can be replaced by electric scissors, quickly cut a standard style.

The shears can be classified by number. The larger the number, the shorter the hair can be cut and the closer it is to the skin.

Good electric shear head needs to have the following conditions: high hardness of steel, wear resistance, grinding.

  1. Beauty scissors

Beauty scissors make up for the electric scissors only in accordance with the original structure of the plane trim, clever use of it can make the coat three-dimensional, and according to the dog breed standard, learn from each other, especially the details of the modification need to use beauty scissors.

A good hairdresser needs the following:

  • Comfortable to hold;
  • Double edge joint composite standard horizontal line;
  • Blade tip without acute Angle (must have radian or rounded Angle);
  • The steel is good.
  1. Beauty comb

Grooming combs are used for combing, loosing, and clipping with scissors. The length, short, dense and thin of the comb are also different in use. The material is mainly made of metal products. In addition to durability, the prevention of static electricity is also one of the problems to be considered.

  1. Steel needle comb

A needle comb can be used to comb any tangles by opening the tangles or removing the undercoat. Because the needle is thin, it can easily penetrate into the hairball, and it can pop out in case of obstruction during combing to reduce hair damage.

  1. Brush

Brush can be used to quickly comb the coat, promote hair metabolism, increase the surface shine.

  1. Opening knife

It is not easy to comb the hair of the hard lump, but the sharp edge of the knot cutter can be operated more quickly and with less effort. In order to prevent the skin from being cut, the tip of the knife is thickened and has been passivated, so it is quite safe to use.

  1. Toenail knife

A toenail knife can easily cut off excess toenails.

  1. Hemostatic forceps

Hemostatic forceps are mainly used to remove internal and external ear hair, remove foreign bodies and visible parasites in the tooth seam, or to clamp cotton.


The use of different beauty tools and effects are different, only flexible use of these tools, in order to easily trim a variety of styles.

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