Grooming Tips for Herding Dogs

Caring for the Coats in the Herding Group

Herd dogs, such as Belgian shepherds, German shepherds, and any shepherd breed with long hair on the chest and behind the hind legs, should not be trimmed or shaved. Still, you need to follow some dog grooming basics. These breeds should be brushed twice a week to reduce shedding, as well as bathed at least every three months. Dogs kept indoors should brush their teeth and bathe more often, as indoor temperatures can cause seasonal shedding.

How to Groom a Herding Dog

  • What you will need: grooming tools

You should have a large smooth brush, long-toothed hair removal tools, a large metal comb, large pincer nail clippers, and a trash bag handy.

  • Dashed the lower half

While your dog is lying down or secured to the harness and rope, begin waxing your dog’s lower body. Be careful not to scratch the skin. If you are gentle, your dog will come to like your approach.

  • Clean ears and clip nails

First, clean your dog’s ears with a cotton ball and ear cleaner. Next, cut the nails, being careful to cut off the white part of the white nail, just the tip of the black nail, and see where the veins are.

  • Wet the coat

Secure your dog in the shower or booster bath, then, with warm water, use the nozzle right up close to his skin to wet down the entire coat. Shield the eyes and ears as you use a lower-strength stream while wetting the face.

  • Apply dog shampoo

Apply diluted shampoo to your face, head, and ears using a smudge bottle. Massage the shampoo thoroughly, especially the outer ears and neck. Let his head soak, and then you put the shampoo all over your body. Pay special attention to your hips, abdomen, and feet.

  • Rinse and repeat
Published On: December 7th, 2022Categories: Dog Grooming