Tips For Clipping & Grooming Your Dog

A pair of clippers can do wonders. Trimming the coat can improve your dog’s appearance, but good trimming skills take practice. But the act of trimming has a practical side beyond making your dog look beautiful. Once a long coat is cut short, it becomes easier to care for.

1. Before you use clippers to cut your dog’s coat, keep the following points in mind.

Research the breed. Each dog breed has its own unique look.

Seek help. If your dog is a breed like a poodle or terrier that has a lot to do with show dogs’ coats, take your dog to a professional groomer so you know exactly what it should look like and how to do the clipping.

Think ahead. You need to envision what you want him to look like after the clipping before you do it. Improve the manageability of your dog’s coat afterwards.

2. Now that you have done your research, here are a 7 tips for clipping and grooming your dog:

Buy the right clippers. Professional groomers use two types of clippers: standard clippers and small clippers. Standard clippers are used for all-around grooming, while small clippers are used for the face, ears and feet. You can purchase professional clippers from a professional groomer’s website. Or you can buy regular dog clippers from your local pet supply store. But try to buy the best clippers you can afford.

Teach your dog well. Get your dog used to clippers. Familiarize them with the sight and smell of the clippers. Next, turn on the clipper and let your dog become familiar with its noise. Give him some treats to confuse him while he listens to the buzzing sound.

Give your dog a bath. Give your dog a bath and let it dry thoroughly before clipping it. Try to avoid clipping a dirty dog. Go with the grain when clipping; cutting against the grain of the hair can cause cuts and burns on your dog’s skin.

Provide breaks. If you have a long grooming session, give your dog a break during the entire process. This is especially important if the clipping is a first for your dog. Make it a good and positive experience for your dog to feel good when trimming.

Give rewards. Once you’ve finished clipping, tell your dog he’s a good boy, and give him treats and praise. If you do, the next time you take out the clippers, he may come running.

Published On: December 15th, 2022Categories: Dog Grooming